Allan Badassery is an inventor, the second character Nathaniel meets, and the fourth non-mob being to appear in the comic.

Dan's Minecraft skin, shown in a few videos, is Allan, complete with his glasses and water shooter suit.


First EncounterEdit

Shortly after meeting him, it is shown that Allan has a Water Shooter. But this water shooter is ridiculously over-powered, and drives Nathaniel through a stone cliff face, making him wish to return to Hell (the Nether).

Later, they go on a walk through the wonderful world of...whatever Dan is going to call the NerdCubed world, and Nathaniel discovers Allan's last name is Badassery, by a volcano.

When they find Allan's house, it is destroyed by Creepers. They go on a venture to the North Cave, finding Diamonds and a lava lake. Allan, when crossing this lava lake, falls and they are both stuck on a block of bedrock in the middle of the lake. Allan looses his glasses and we learn that he is nearly blind without them.

Allan and Nathaniel travel through a portal and find a Castle on a lava lake. In the castle Nathaniel meets his future self who never heard of Allan but instead met Joshua. While Nathaniel follows himself through a portal Allan deactivates it with his Water Shooter resulting in Nathaniel's visit to non-time, and leaving Allan abandoned.

Second EncounterEdit

Later, after having left non-time and exploring a new place, Nathaniel comes across an evil Root-possessed Evil Allan, who is referred to as King Badassery and has a huge statue of himself.

At this King Allan Village Nathaniel meets Doug who is kidnapped by Allan using a giant portal.

Third Encounter and Fourth EncounterEdit

An Evil Allan attacks the USS Plan B with the help of Joshua.

Another Allan who has the ability to turn invisible sneaks onto Plan B and time travels with Nathaniel to a manor he lives in with his younger brother Craig.

The three of them then travel to The Library for the Study of the Root and other Evils where it is revealed that he is Root-possessed but protects his brother from the root's influence.