Amy is a 'NerdCubed' friend and will pop up every now and again in videos with the team. Taking a step back from YouTubing, she now currently works at Square Enix Europe as a Community Team Member[1]. She has previously worked for Curve Digital as a Community and Marketing Executive helping to create titles such as Action Henk and Murder as well as Universal Pictures.

Trivia Edit

  • During the webcomic production era, Amy was a large part of the NerdCubed team.
  • Drops in every now and again for NerdCubed events, for example the E3 livestream and the comic relief charity stream.
  • Has appeared in numerous NerdCubed videos, including GTAV Heists and the 'Bruce' Q&A, and also Episode 24 of Three Free Games Friday.
  • Her blog can be found at (no longer up as of 23/3/2017)

References Edit

  1. Official Square Enix Europe introduction blog post