Kml,sxcdzkldxcsk,ldcxs,fcd Kennethson, usually known simply as "Baby Kml" (pronounced Kih-Mul) is a character in the video Nerd³ Challenges - 3 Day Baby - The Sims. She is the only biological child of Kennith Kennithson.

In Nerd³ Challenges - 3 Day Baby - The SimsEdit

Baby Kml's only appearance is in Nerd³ Challenges - 3 Day Baby - The Sims. The challenge was for Kennith Kennithson to get married and have a baby - all in 3 days. Kml was the result of this challenge. Kml was born at the end of the video, the daughter of Kennith Kennithson and Bella Goth. She had 2 half-siblings from her mother's marriage to Mortimer Goth, who she was still married to at the time of her marriage to Kennith. A few minutes after Kml's birth, her father packed his bags and left for Mexico. Kml's fate is unknown.

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