Bee Dragon is Nathaniel's daughter from the future, and a crewmember of the USS Plan B.

Background Edit

Bee first appeared in episode 175 of Dan's webcomic, and was portrayed as a heroic, smart, unknown woman. it is later revealed that she is dating a young Douchebag called Rod, to whom Nathaniel takes a bit of a disliking,

Bee's real name is unknown, as she derived the nickname "Bee" from future Nathaniel calling her "his little bee"

Appearance Edit

Bee's outfit consists of a Blue polo shirt, brown dungarees and dark brown gloves. She has brown medium length hair and blue eyes. She also wears a headset, so to talk with others on the USS Plan B. She gave one of these to Nathaniel.

Trivia Edit

  • Her boyfriend, Rod, who also lives on the USS Plan B, is despised by Nathaniel.

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