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Kml,sxcdzkldxcsk,ldcxs,fcd Kennithson, later known as Betty Bettyson was the daughter of Kennith Kennithson and his wife Bella Goth.

Early LifeEdit

Baby Kml

Betty - a few minutes after her birth.

Kml,sxcdzkldxcsk,ldcxs,fcd or for short, Baby Kml(pronunced Ki-mul) was the result of a challenge video, where her father, Kennith Kennithson, was tasked in getting married and having a baby within 3 days. Kml's mother, Bella Goth, was picked off the street by Kennith, and they married. A few minutes after Kml's birth, her father packed his bags and returned to Mexico. Soon after, Bella put kml into an orphanage, so she could return to life with her husbandMortimer, and 2 children.

Early Adulthood Edit


Betty as an adult in The Sims 4

A few years later, Kml was adopted by Mr and Mrs Bettyson. They renamed Kml "Betty", and took her with them to Sunset Valley. When Betty (kml) grew up, she moved away from home and became a Janitor in one of the buildings in the Mirror's Edge city, at the time of the game's events. After the events of the game, Betty was fired, and so no longer had any reason to live in the city. She then moved to a small house, in the town of "Willow Creek". Soon after moving there, she discovered a secret world hidden in a tree in her garden - untouched by humans.

Later Life Edit

Soon after discovering the secret world, Betty met The Goth Household. Unknown to her, the matriarch of the family was her biological mother, Bella Goth. The next day, Betty decided to leave this world, and went to live in the secret world in the tree, where she remained for the rest of her days.