Brody Shanks is one of the Sims featured in Nerd³ Lives in The Sims 4.

Bio Edit

Brody is a Young Adult with the Fabulously Wealthy aspiration. He has the Business Savvy, Vegetarian, Snob, and Bro traits. He is part of the "Slaughter Household" and lives with Stephan Slaughter, Alec Pack, and Darth Vader. He currently works in the Doctor career as an Orderly.

In Episode 12, Brody begins training to be a vampire hunter after a vampire attacked Darth and Stephan. He is later seen growing garlic to fend off vampires in Episode 14.

In Episode 17, Brody falls in love with the ghost of his coworker Tess Novak, but unfortunately is unable to bring her home or propose to her. Their relationship ends in Episode 20, when Brody breaks up with her and begins a relationship with an alien named Eileen Stein.

In Episode 23, Brody becomes a father to an alien son. He and Eileen almost get married (Dan forgot).

Trivia Edit

  • Brody is the second Sim that Dan created for the series.
  • Despite being the household's vampire hunter, Brody has never actually fought a vampire.