Chief BAD_DATA of the Tzaboohaboo was a character in Nerd³'s Month of... Spore, who the last leader of the Tzaboohaboo Pack, and first Chief of the Tzaboohaboo Tribe. The first creature of the planet Kenithson to discover fire, BAD_DATA led his species in the last days of the Creature stage, throughout the Tribal stage, and into the civilization stage. He is remembered as one of the greatest figures in Tzaboohabooian history.

The Creature StageEdit


BAD_DATA's parents

BAD_DATA was born 11 minutes in to episode 8 of Nerd³'s Month of... Spore, in a Tzaboohaboo pack originally consisting of just his parents. His father had just discovered the pack after narrowly escaping a battle with The Brain Epic, of which he was the only survivor. BAD_DATA's birth brought the ability of jumping and sneaking, to the Tzaboohaboo. When BAD_DATA came of age, he left the pack with a group of Tzaboohaboo to find and kill The Brain Epic. After a grueling 6 hour fight, which resulted in the deaths of 5 Tzaboohaboo, including his father, BAD_DATA successfully killed The Brain Epic.


BAD_DATA discovers fire

Several years later, BAD_DATA was messing around with a stick when he suddenly created fire. In doing so, he gained sentience, turned the stick into a staff, and founded the first Tzaboohaboo village, along with two others, who joined him as tribesmen in the new village.

The Tribal StageEdit

As Chief of the Tzaboohaboo, BAD_DATA embarked on a campaign of global domination. While other species spent their time trading and socialising with other tribes, the Tzaboohaboo, led by BAD_DATA, made it their mission to kill everyone. BAD_DATA had 15 children during his time as Chief, 3 of which died fighting in the War against the Green Village, 3 of which died fighting raiders and 2 of which died fighting the Purple Tribe. The Tzaboohaboo successfully defeated the Pink Village, Blue Village, Brown Village, Green Village and Purple Village, becoming the dominant species on the planet.

The Civilization StageEdit

BAD_DATA is last seen ushering the tribe into the Civilization Stage. He speaks of using nuclear weapons, tanks, and of going to space. Shortly after, he founds the Tzaboohaboo Empire. It is likely that BAD_DATA died of old age at some point during the Civilization Stage. The Tzaboohaboo would go on to conquer most of the galaxy.