Dan Bull is the creator of the Nerdcubed (Daniel Hardcastle) theme/outro song. Dan has created two theme songs for Nerd³. The first one was called "Enter the Domain of the Nerd³" and was first used in the video called New Video on Machinima! 13 Ways To Die - Dishonered and was last used on the video Nerd³ Challenges! The Simpsons: Hit & Run - FINISH IT! The new theme song is the one currently in use, and was first used in the Nerd³ Reboot Stream on the 31st of October, 2015. It is called "Refurbishing The Domain Of The Nerdcubed" and is available for download if you have donated to the Patreon page.


  • Dan Bull has Autism as revealed in "Autistic Guy Raps Better Than You."
  • Dan Bull likes Bethesda games.