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Dan gaming

Dan's rise to youtube fame actually began with sieches The comic was made primarily of screenshots of Minecraft or snapshots of Minecraft character models tweaked with model manipulation software, or on occassion Garry's Mod. The comics themselves actually became fairly popular. Dan eventually discovered youtube a few years back, and became really interested in Gaming Videos.
Soon afterward, Dan created a Machinima series called 13 Ways to Die. The series, as it's name suggests, showed 13 unique ways to kill the player character or other characters in a specific video game. The series was quickly popularized, and as a result, Dan began experimenting with commentary videos, and found that the fans loved his commentary. Eventually, who specialize in gaming videos, discovered Dan, and his series 13 Ways to Die. Realizing quickly that Dan was witty, funny, capable, and enjoyable, Machinima offered him a contract. Dan accepted.
Since then Dan's channel has evolved into a gaming channel in which Dan plays games he's heard of or enjoy that are typically outside the realm of common knowledge. Dan's videos are often edited videos of him being ridiculous and funny. He has also started some other series. These are  'Nerd³ Plays', 'Nerd³ Father And Son-Days', 'Nerd³'s Hell', 'Nerd³' FW', 'Nerd³ Challenges', 'Nerd³ Extra', 'Nerd³ Completes' (Currently on 'Cities: Skylines'), 'Nerd³ Live', 'Little and Cubed' and the occasional 'Three Free Games Friday'.
On his IRL Channel (OfficiallyNerdCubed) He runs the series 'A Totally Professional Nerd³ Unboxing' (Usually of a Loot Crate), 'Soup with Nerd³' (Replacement for 'Nerd³'s Daily Knee Jerk'),  'Nerd³ Bricking It', 'Nerd³'s Fat' (Where him and Dad³ discuss their progress in losing weight) and 'The Nerd³ Podcast' with Wot Fanar. These are accompanied by occasional vlogs.
In July 2013 Dan reached 1,000,000 procrastinators.
In December 2014 he reached 2,000,000 procrastinators.


Dan is best described as a chaotic mix between a madman, a gamer, and a jokester. Dan frequently uses sarcastic and random comedy within his videos, and often uses violence as an end to everything. Dan has problems with strategy and tends to just "wing it" whenever a problem arises. He is bored easily and needs near constant entertainment to soothe his destructive tendencies so he has a wank.

Dan is random, and rarely uses logic when problems occur. Dan would sooner detonate a small town to advance than think of a logical way around the obstacle.

  • (Whilst in the elevator in Portal, shooting the ceiling) Ah so we are going up! You can tell because the wiggles go down... And when the wiggles go down you know you're watching some messed up pornography (Completes... Portal)
  • YES! IT TOOK YEARS BUT I FINALLY MADE MARTYN RAGE-QUIT! - After beating Martyn Littlewood yet again in Gta V. Martyn was supposed to be hunting Dan down but Martyn had failed miserably.
  • "Right, so you might feel a small prick...hitting you with a very large hammer..." - In Surgeon Simulator 2013
  • "Do you know why I don't drink alcohol? 'Cause I like being sane. I have a tiny teeny tiny very badly aligned cling to reality, and... that'll do me. I'll keep that. I don't wanna mess that up."
  • dan does not like elfdemon101.
  • "Good jolly gosh a dolphin eating a humans left testical!!"
  • "It's Jesus, HOLY SHITTING TIT-NIPPLES A SHARK!" (From his RCT 3 series.)
  • "Arse trumpets!!!"
  • "Oh Shit where did that come from oh my god HAHAHAHAHA" (soft loud voice) "what are you doing?!"
  • "Hermione save me! WOOPS! Thats a dude..."
  • "We have great butt-back curviture!"
  • "I'M BACK FROM CANADA!" (you went to finland...) "...That's IN Canada right?"
  • "I'M BANNED FROM CANADA!" (you're banned from finland) "I'm banned from many places."
  • "Spiders are evil!" (Ducks are Evil Too!)
  • "I've got this... I got this, I don't got this, I REALLY DON'T HAVE THIS ANYMORE!"
  • "Michael wave, wave michael, dick!"
  • "Okay kids remember where we parked"
  • "Shit, shit, shit"
  • "Grumble, grumble, grumble, grumble"
  • "My bugatti you prick!"
  • "Boop"
  • "I'm on a boat and it's going fast and..."
  • "I'm on a train and, it's going fast and, I gotta dodge the upcoming signs and..."
  • "Lovely-Jubbly!"
  • "OH MY GOD JEFF THE SHARK CAN FLY!!" (In his RCT3 NerdCubed Completes Series)
  • "Thanks for watching and turrah!" (at the end of every video)
  • "Jeff the Shark"
  • "Catch me catch me catch me catch me catch me!"
  • "Hello procrastinators! And welcome to..."
  • "BRAAAAAAD!" (Upon his arch-enemy Procrastinator Brad killing him in Counter Strike: Source)
  • "Because Science!" (Dan's excuse for EVERYTHING)
  • "Problems problems problems!"
  • "Dammit."
  • "*irritated grumbling*"
  • "That's my favorite building. OH GOD BEES!" (In NerdCubed plays Omegalodon)

"Time to bring out Optimus Prime! hums the Ironman themesong."(Omegalodon)

  • "I'm just gonna line up my Super Awesome Ultra Sexy Attack. With a Boeing." (Omegalodon)
  • "Greatest. Game. Ever."
  • "It's like flying through butter." (in NerdCubed plays Aerofly FS)
  • "Oooooh. Death by Bitch Slap." (in Surgeon Simulator Steam Version)
  • "...all the things!"
  • "I have a flying plane!" (in NerdCubed plays Aerofly FS)
  • "Phone the sexy people." (in Surgeon Simulator Steam Version, while the credits floppy disk plays)
  • "Die die die die die die!"
  • "I love this game, you can go around murdering people or have a little chat in the foyer." (In NerdCubed plays The Ship)
  • "Run away, run away, run away, MARS!" (RCT3)
  • "Whoa! Oh crap I didn't turn! *coughing* I've started to choke! It's all going wrong! AAAH!!" (In NerdCubed plays OMSI)
  • I'm a PERFECTLY healthy human being... 24% of the time"
  • "Shit the bed!"
  • "GOD HATES DUCKS!" (In Nerd³'s minecraft buildy thing and NerdCubed plays Cleverbot with Evie)
  • "Let's see how fly I can low" (In Nerd³ plays Aerofly FS)
  • "Bloody Hell's Bells"
  • "*coughing* Hang on, my lungs are coming up."
  • "It's a game about murdering the middle class. (The Ship)
  • "Why must everything I love spiral to it's death?! (Aerofly FS)
  • "I've had my horse for the entire fucking game and this stupid fucking ghost train, piloted by a stupid fucking ghost guy killed my stupid FUCKING HORSE! EVERYBODY DIES!" (Red Dead Redemption)
  • (*singing*) "It's Jesus Deer, It's Jesus Deer it can walk on water and (*kills deer*)..... heal the blind" (Far Cry 3 Permadeath Part 6)
  • "I've knackered it... I'm dead."
  • "Ooh look he has a squishy thing on the back of his head" (Part 11 Far Cry 3 Permadeath)
  • "And that's a true science fact." (When explaining something obviously false)
    1. HaveAWank
  • "Handbrake Turn!" (When Dan makes a sharp turn in a vehicle[Mainly in Bully, whilst on Sasha])
  • "Secret Sexy Rocks" (Sims 3 part 6)
  • "Stand up for the National Anthem you bastards!
  • "And flap! *unidentifiable inhaling sound and choking*......dying......*more choking**MORE choking*...mercy..." (aerofly FS - ~9:17
  • "Plan B *dynamite goes off* Plan B never fails" (in Nerd³ Plays... Red Dead Redemption).
  • "La-la-la-la-la-la-la No one sees, no one sues!" (while breaking multiple laws in OMSI)
  • "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, still shame on you. Fuck you, I'm perfect."
  • "Oops my Gary slipped."
  • "I'm like a bird that likes to eat worms."
  • "WAAAAAH!!" [when a car was going crazy in the first carmageddon GTA episode]
  • "Thats not a mate.. What the shit is that?!!"
  • "Boing"
  • "NOOOOOO!!!"
  • "C'mon, c'mon, nooo, why do the gaming gods hate me today? Na-hahaha!"
  • "Don't run me over! Thats mean!"
  • "Victory is mine! Die!!!"
  • "Snap, Snap, Snap, Snap, Snap, Death"
  • "OH Shit"
  • "I'm a very sad house!" [TS2014]
  • "No you're not dying you're fine"
  • "Oh Ass Biscuits I have in fact crashed!" [ETS2 Road Trip]
  • "Deeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaath in your general direction" (While shooting cops in Nerd³ Plays... GTA V)
  • "My immune system is just essentially a man with a twig shouting swear words at germs, and he's not very good."
  • "Foreign policy: Send in tanks!"
  • "KKIIILLLLLL MMMMMMEEEEE!!!!"  [Blaster Simulator]
  • "*HONK* Oh bless you"
  • (Sees man stuck on train tracks) "Hey did you push a guy in there? That's a crime you know." (Man is hit by train) "That's a bigger crime you know!
  • "Oh my god I'm upside down"
  • "Oh fuck I've nuked the place HAHAA!!!"
  • "I do like this grass how it sway-THATS NOT HOW VEGETATION WORKS!!"
  • "Oy! Yellow Line you Dick!
  • "Who Did I Kill?!"
  • "Fucking Hell What's That!!!?"
  • "There's a guy on the wrong side of the road, Oh its me!" [OMSI]
  • "If your not starving and your complaining then you need to shut the fuck up"
  • "Fuck your Rules Im a Tree!"
  • "Oh Fuck!"
  • "What are you doing [speed]... 40 kilometers per hour. That will explain the 110. Do they measure kilometers per hour here? Fucking Metric Bastards"
  • "Oh Bridge, Oh Car, Oh Bridge Oh Car!"
  • "Here in my truck most of my words are fuck"
  • "Im on a bridge again, Doing bridge related things on a bridge again, Last night of my wood when I crashed into that stupid fucking genie bus"
  • "Piss Off!" [Prison Architect]
  • GOD AND BLEEDING/BLOODY BENNET! (A phrase used often when surprised and nervous, for example hitting a car and going sailing for thousands of feet)
  • "What do you think Deam Kitty? I think we should kill them all!!"
  • "Actually I got a great idea [pulls down sun visor], now nobody knows it was me!"
  • "FFUUUUUUUCCCCKKKK YOU!" [he hit a car]
  • "Do the thing that you need to do... I don't know the thing that you need to do, just do it!"
  • "Weeeeee!"
  • "So...Yeah..."
  • "Nerd3 Father and Son Day!"
  • "Just Farm Bitch!"
  • "Death to racists! Wait doesn't that make me a racist racist? Who cares kill all the racists!!!
  • "See the bus frolicking in it's natural habitat"
  • "Anybody travelling with children, we hate you"
  • "Please stop urinating in the fire extinguishers"
  • "Could anyone with a skin-toned between perfect praleen and roasted coffee come to security? You've been selected for a completely random spot check"
  • "Fan-Fucking Daby-Dosey"
  • "When removing your medicines for security checks please place the creams in order from most to least embarrassing, thats most to least embarrassing. Thank you"
  • "Could Voldemort please come to sanitation. Voldemort to sanitaiton."
  • "With the person that left their legs at security, please not do that anymore its creepy"
  • "Honey, whats the deal with airline food? Am I right People? I'm right People"
  • "All flights have been canceled, because fuck you thats why"
  • "Super bunny, super bunny, very funny, etc. leap" (Overgrowth Video)
  • "THE WIND!!!!" (Car Mechanic Simulator 2014 at the end of the video)
  • "Let me get in the shower god damn it" [Let's Play The Sims 3]
  • I'm going to murder you!" [Farming Simulator 2013]
  • "No I am king of combine, Im king of destruction, and I am King of Tractors. We have learnt this."
  • "Are you regretting that decision? I know I am."
  • "080-1999881919119725...-3" 
  • "Drivey trucks, safe trucks, I don't remember the name, that lady's on fire."
  • "I like how [blows horn] its horn and.. [horn stops] Windows has failed"
  • Banker - "Welcome to our Bank." Dan - " Fuck You."
  • "New plan!!!"
  • "oopsy daisy"
  • "okey dokey!!!"
  • I hate micro transactions and mobile games and free to play games and more things
  • Around here-ish
  • "Ugh Effort"
  • "Come on land... THATS A TREE! AAAAHHHH" (aerofly FS-Flight Simulator video)
  • "THIS GAY KISS" (Bully)
  • "VAGINAS CAN'T DRINK MILK!" Nerd Cubed / Daniel Hardcastle, 2014
  • "{Daniel}: Oh hang on, look, the road just ends in this person's house! The person's just looking out of the house going: [Phillip]: Huh. Margery, have you spoken with the counsel? [Margery]: No Phillip, why? [Phillip]: Um, well, there appears to be a car coming at us. At no miles per hour what so ever. [Margery]: Is that a bad thing? [Phillip]: I don't know, it depends if it's stopped at this moment in ti- IT'S NOT STOPPED MARGERY" (Train Simulator 2014)
  • "You are a massive nerd for bothering to reverse this" (Airport Simulator 2015, spoken reversed)
  • "Passenger Announcement: There is no such thing as Santa Claus. There, now you've actually got SOMETHING TO CRY ABOUT." (Airport Simulator 2015)
  • "Air Travel, the safest way to travel after the segway." (Airport Simulator 2015)
  • "Sweet! Nobody wants my bus! I can go even FASTER" (OMSI 2)
  • "I am the best driver in the world!" (OMSI 2)
  • "Yeah, I think they're not gonna get on my bus anymore. I think I- I think I broke trust when I broke necks." (OMSI 2)
  • "No one in the station, do you wanna get on this bus? No? Okey Dokey. Gonna keep- [Car magically pops out of nowhere] OH. WHOA. NO! NOT HAVING THAT. NOT HAVING THAT. NOT HAVING THAT! That car popped out and if- See? They're going " Oh, Dan's just crap at games." No! You see? Cuz shit like that happens to me. When your driving around in German buses you don't have cars you have to dodge because they've appeared out of the middle of nowhere. Now the games crashed. Oh it's just froze for a little bit it's working again now." (OMSI 2)
  • "All around me are familiar faces"
  • "Lets go guys,I've hit a rock guys,I've done a flip guys..." - In his GTA V live-stream,"The server war"
  • "WUBA LUBA LUB DUB!!!" - At the start of every "Cities:Skylines" video.
  • "I've seen all the colors of the universe..." - In his "loot crate unboxing" video on his IRL channel with Wot.
  • "Found his face,with my gun,I am the best,*and that's how its done.* - Shooting an ememy in the face with a sniper rifle thus finishing the round in "Counter Strike:Source"
  • "Jeff,he's a shark,don't go in the water,unless you're a shark..." - In his "Worms:Ultimate Mayhem" video.
  • "Brick wall,brick wall,brick wall,brick wall,wall...basically,the life of Daniel Brian..." - In his "Turbo Dismount" video.
  • "There's the ramp,there's the...lawsuit." - In his "Turbo Dismount" video.
  • "#Mattfuckedup" - In his "Mass Debate" video
  • "Fuck you Beiber..."


  • On his twitch channel during the PCGamer E3, Dan got his viewers to spam their chat with #HaveAWank. This also became a trending hashtag on Twitter, reaching the worldwide Twitter trend list.
  • Dan states he has a girlfriend and in one of his earliest videos ever, her face was slightly shown in the 'credits.'
  • Dan didn't publish some of his videos because, as he states, "They are horrible and trust me, you don't want to see them." (One of them is his Assassin's Creed 2 video.) (some of Dans old science work)
  • Dan has a known hatred of ducks, as he tries to kill them whenever they appear in a game he's playing even if it is a chicken.
  • He is massively arachnophobic.
  • Dan once had a fan show up at his house.
    • According to Dan, this fan is lucky that Wot answered the door, as Dan would have called the police.
  • Dan seems to reference Doctor Who a lot, even doing it in his Three Free Game Fridays series.
    • Dan's favorite Doctor from Doctor Who is Matt Smith, who plays the Eleventh Doctor in the popular Sci-Fi series.
  • Dan has recently been playing GTA V alongside Martyn of the Yogscast.
  • Dan is a professed atheist. This started because of God moving furniture.
  • Dan views anti-gay rights protesting as an insult to humanity in general, stating "We live in the year 2012, We know that all the people on this planet are made of these little things called atoms, these atoms come from a star that exploded and spewed forth a load of crap into the universe, we are from the same thing, we are all the same, so why the HELL is there this sort of segregation!?"
  • Dan is straight, as confirmed on his Vlog on the Anti-Homosexuality London Bus Ads. "I love boobs, boobs are brilliant!".
  • Until recently, Dan lived in an apartment with his room-mate "Wot" in London. It is unknown where he currently lives but it is a running joke that he lives in Canada. The reason for him not revealing his location is because a fan once came to his house which heavily disturbed him. After this incident he is much more private and rarely reveals things about his private life.
  • Dan has what he describes as an "Editing Problem". Meaning he literally has to edit EVERYTHING.
  • Dan's Birthday is March 23rd, 1989.
  • Dan seems to have a thing for slides and pool complexes in RCT3. At the time of this edit Dan has two Pool Complexes and 9 Bodyslides.
  • Dan refers to his subscribers as "procrastinators."
  • Due to numerous clues spread around many of his videos, It is highly probable that his name isn't Daniel Hardcastle. Dan responded in the last episode of his four-episode-eight-hour Desert Bus special to the question "What name would you give yourself if you could change it?", saying that he would change it to "Daniel Hardcastle" because that wasn't his real name and that he could say it here because no one would watch it anyway. In addition to this, in "Nerd³ Vlog 4 - Smokin'" at the time mark of 0:40 the sixth crush "no no" is "Someone who knows my real name." In addition to that addition, one of his mystery video links are to a video called "Valentine's Lies" in which one of the characters states "My name's not actually Dan." It remains unclear whether he is just trying to confuse his viewers or if he is acutally serious. During "Nerd³ Plays... Tom and Jerry: War of the Whiskers" at 1:37 he comments "My real names Jasper." This is most likely a subtle reference to Tom the cat's former name, Jasper, before it was changed to Tom. At 23:40 of "Nerd³ Challenges! Double or Nothing! - Google Feud", he reads off the answer "I lied about my name", then comments "me too!".
  • Dan has made musical references in his YouTube videos such as Elton John's Rocketman, Culture Club's Karma Chameleon, The Lion King's Circle of Life, Men at Work's Down Under, Loverboy's Working for the Weekend, and others.
  • As of October, 2013 he calls every train that he sees in his video games "Thomas" which is a reference to the Thomas and Friends TV series.
  • All of his fans want him to shag Emma Blackery. Yes, seriously.
  • He calls the big intestine an Alien Parasite and calls the small intestine the "breakdancing bit" (in Surgeon Simulator Kidney Transplant in Space).
  • He also refers to the TV series "Courage the Cowardly Dog" as "The Show that Screws Up Your Life."
  • He has a profound hatred of the YouTube comment section - he has a plugin on his web browser which shows all the comments as saying "herpa derpa derpa derp" ~ Wot, A Nerdy Chat With Steven Moffat. The Google Chrome plugin can be found here.
  • He himself started a rumor about him being Emma Blackery's boyfriend, this however is confirmed to be false in Luke's (Lukeisnotsexy) video "Coming out (Sort of) where Luke admits that he is dating Emma.
  • Since Euro Truck Simulator 2, he has a known hatred for buses except the one time when Rosa Parks wouldn't give up her seat to a white man. He says buses hate things so much, don't look at their bloody mirrors, they are foul, smelly, and any other word that can negatively describe buses really.
  • He gets CLOP and QWOP mixed up.
  • Whenever he sees a spider in a video game or in Minecraft, he either gets as far away from the spider as possible or very high up, usually 15 - 40 blocks off a surface.
  • He had a Wikipedia page. It was deleted as of May 14 2014...
  • Apparently, from his Airport Firefighter [Flughafenfeuerwehr] Simulator, he doesnt like 90s rave or techno music.
  • Dan has recently became a fan of wrestling, specifically WWE, referencing Characters such as Big Show and Cesaro in his videos
  • Dan is allergic to chocolate.
  • Dan is strictly against smoking. Evidence of this can be found in multiple videos where he beats up random smokers in the game. Also, in one of his vlogs, he says that his #1 celebrity crush, Karen Gillan, was caught smoking on the set of Doctor Who, and that smoking was on his celebrity crush "list of no-nos."
  • Dan suffers from CFS (chronic fatigue syndrome)
  • In Cities Skylines - Part 23, Dan mentions that he has had a tonsillectomy.
  • Nerdcubed's favorite bands include rubber bands, marching bands, Pink Floyd, Tears for Fears (since he used to sing "All around me are familiar faces" which is a snip it from the song Mad World), and others.
  • According to the TMI Video Dan did with Emma Blackery, his favourite jewellery is "Gym Badges, mothafucka'".

NerdCubed ErasEdit

The NerdCubed videos have currently 3 eras. The 3rd era began in July, 2014 after his intro videos

  • Era 1 "The Classic Era" : 2011 - 2012
  • Era 2 "The Best of NerdCubed Era" : 2012 - 2014
  • Era 3: "Modern NerdCubed Era" : 2014 - ?

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