Danophobia is a piece of erotic fan-fiction written by MicroBreeze and posted to the Nerd3 subreddit.

The story features YouTube personalities Daniel Hardcastle, Emma Blackery and Matt Collins.

The fan fiction was requested for by Rebecca Maughan on the 5th August edition of the Nerd³ Mass Debate.

Plot Edit

After Daniel accidentally touched Emma's boobs, and she throws a glass towards Dan, knocking him out. Dan later wakes up in hospital with self-proclaimed 'best friend' Matt at his bedside. Dan projectile vomits blood onto Matt's face and blacks out again.

A few days later, after being released from the hospital, Matt drives Dan home. During the drive, Dan tells Matt about the situation which got him into there in the first place. After this, Matt turns around and drives home saying he forgot something at his home. While Dan is fantasizing about Matt and their possible future, Matt calls Emma to gain her point of view of the incident. Matt arrives at his house and carries Dan inside. They then proceed to bonk.

Critical reception Edit

  • "The sex bit gave me three quarters of an erection. B+ out of 12" - Trachyon
  • "I don't know whether to up-vote or up-chuck." - MANOFTHEX
  • "...I'm concerned that this actually exists now..." - RandomLiam

Trivia Edit

  • Despite that all the real life counterparts of the characters live in the United Kingdom, the story appears to be set in the United States due to the mentions of 'highways' instead of 'motorways' and the '911' emergency number instead of '999'.
  • A video has been released of Matt reading most of the story along with Jon MATN and Twitch streamer SuperM737.
  • The cover was designed by Reddit user TIPenguin.
  • The story was the only post MicroBreeze had ever made on Reddit.
  • There was a previous fan fiction that used the name 'Danophobia' from the Nerd³ Servers written by AlextheZ. It was apparently a lot worse and should be feared as a consequence.