Doug is a side character who appeared once in Season 1 and once in Season 2.

He is wearing a green shirt and blue trousers and has brown hair and green eyes. His skin color is slightly paler than Nathaniel's.

First AppearanceEdit

Doug's clothes are full of holes and he has a huge scar on his face.

He is living in an underground base.

He can only speak Qube.

Second AppearanceEdit

Doug can speak English and his clothes and face are okay, most likely indicating that this is a past version of Doug.

He is a servant or partner of King Badassery. His profession is that of a statue-cleaner, although he secretly fills the statue with TNT, in case Allan betrays him.

However, he has a secret lab where he is experimenting with sections of the root. He concludes, after many experiments that the substance is indestructible. How he manages to obtain these pieces is unknown.