EYES!¬ is Dan's character from Nerd Plays... Hard Time. He was sent to prison for theft, and died about a week into his sentence from getting beaten up about 25 times.


EYES!¬ was sentenced to 45 days in prison after commiting a major act of theft. Upon entering the prison, a warden dropped machine gun, which the EYES!¬ picked up. He then proceeded to shoot a man. Another guard told him to drop the weapon or else, so he shot that guard as well. This cycle repeated about 6 times before he was finally arrested again and brought to a judge. Lucky for EYES!¬, the judge was completely stupid and ruled in the favor of EYES!¬, claiming, "Just because a man is carrying a machine gun doesn't mean he intends to use it as a weapon!'

(If anyone wants to add to this, you make the ¬ by holding alt. and pressing L.)

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