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Frank is a fictional character who hosts the Frank side comics. He has a satirical, sarcastic and somewhat humorous personality and lives in a pit.

A Frank statue was one of the first builds to be built in the Minecraft Buildy Thingy, but was changed by Dan to include chains attached to his arms, to be "more accurate" to real life. Additionally, when Dan went around the unofficial building server at the end of the series, he noticed someone had given Frank's statue a top hat.[1]


Frank comes from a future where Daniel is supreme king of the world. After the zombie uprising of 2017, Dan’s video game skills made him the ultimate fighter. However, the death of Wot Fanar (torn apart by a fairly low level zombie while complaining about difficulty) drove him mad. In the devastation that followed he took charge of the people but due to his madness became a massively oppressive leader. He drove the world to chaos. Public street executions (for not liking Doctor Who), a terrible school system and a ban on baggy jeans angered the people. They created a machine to send someone back in time to stop this terrible tragedy from happening again. They picked Frank- a regular zombie. (When I say ‘picked’ I mean ‘he drew the shortest straw.’) Frank was put into the machine and sent back to 2010. However, thanks to the ban on history they never realised that someone does this every year and that Daniel would be waiting. Waiting with a pit...

For some reason, no other zombies have been pitted.

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