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John Bain, also known by his online aliases The Cynical Brit, TotalHalibut and of course TotalBiscuit, is a British gaming critic and commentator. He is known for his regular commentary videos on his channel TotalBiscuit.

God of PC gaming. FOV sliders are his weapons. Not to be confused with that Batman villain with the mask.

Trivia Edit

  • He has a YouTube channel
  • Does videos about video games.
  • Has a weekly livestream with Jesse Cox and Dodger called 'The Co-Optional Podcast', which Dan appeared on, in Episode 62. It's pretty bloody amazing. (Playlist of all previous livestreams)
  • He also has an ongoing series of 'Secret Hitler Sundays' where he plays Tabletop Simulator 2, with a game called 'Secret Hitler'. Dan has appeared multiple times on it. This is streamed on Sundays, and is eventually uploaded to YouTube.

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