Kim Cat is the pet cat of Kennith Kennithson in Nerd³ Completes... The Sims 3.

In Nerd³ Completes... The Sims 3Edit


Kim destroying Kenneth's furniture.

Kim Cat made her first appearance in the first episode of Nerd³ Completes... The Sims 3, where she was made as the pet of Kenneth Kennethson. She moved into a small flat with him and 7 Australian babies, who Kenneth was forced to look after as a result of a life-debt to an Australian warlord. Kim is shown to be a cat who mostly keeps to herself. She has quite a poor relationship with Kenneth, who unfortunately "hates cats." Kenneth and Kim had their first fight after she ripped up Kenneth's chair while he was asleep. An enraged Kenneth scolded her and sold her food bowl - intending for her to starve to death.

The lack of any and all care from Kenneth caused Kim to abandon him. During Kenneth's party, Kim went down the elevator and wandered off into the streets - never to be seen again. Kenneth spent a few days mourning her loss, but quickly forgot she ever existed. Her ultimate fate is unknown.

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