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Kim Cat is the pet cat of Kennith Kennithson in Nerd³ Completes... The Sims 3. She is the completes series version of Batman: evil personified.

Pre-Nerd³ Completes... The Sims 3 Edit

After Kennith sold Batman to local shop, he was bought by an Australian man known as Mr. Foster. Batman then began exerting his influence upon this man, who eventually became a warlord.

However, his influence over this man went too far. He eventually decided to buy one of the most evil creatures alive: a cat. Batman was powerless to do anything but watch as Kim Cat, as Mr. Foster called him, started ripping apart the house. Eventually he came to Batman, who he ripped to shreds within seconds.

As the black cloud of pure evil that was Batman's soul escaped from it's teddy bear vessel, it got an idea. It decided that the only vessel worthy of such pure evil as itself was a cat.

Batman's soul lived on in Kim Cat's body for several years, until one faithful day, Mr. Foster called in a life debt with an old friend. Custody of Kim Cat was temporarily turned over to the man who had abandoned her all those years ago; she was, once more, in the custody of Kennith Kennithson.

In Nerd³ Completes... The Sims 3Edit


Kim destroying Kennith's furniture.

Kim Cat made her first appearance in the first episode of Nerd³ Completes... The Sims 3, where she was made as the pet of Kennith Kennithson. She moved into a small flat with him and 7 Australian babies, who Kennith was forced to look after as a result of a life-debt to an Australian warlord. Kim is shown to be a cat who mostly keeps to herself. She has quite a poor relationship with Kennith, who unfortunately "hates cats." Kennith and Kim had their first fight after she ripped up Kennith's chair while he was asleep. An enraged Kennith scolded her and sold her food bowl - intending for her to starve to death.

Kim Cat continued to destroy furniture until Kennith hired a babysitter. Kim Cat corrupted said babysitter within seconds, causing the man to start leaving babies in the lobby of his apartment building. As the influence became stronger, the man eventually tried to leave a baby on the street to fend for itself. Kennith, upon discovering this, fired the man.

A second babysitter was hired, who Kim Cat also corrupted, making her start to flirt with guests. However, she was starving. The evil that was Batman knew that it could keep going in this dying vessel, nor could it leave Kennith. Left with no other choice, the soul of Batman left it's physical form to continue corrupting the people of the apartment. Kim Cat, restored to her old self, fucked off in hopes of finding food.

Her ultimate fate is currently unknown.

Fanon by: Polythene Pyro