Nathaniel is the main character in the Nerd³ comic. One day he awoke in the middle of nowhere with no memory, starting out the story. He has quite dark skin, brown hair, wears blue pants, and a turquoise t-shirt.

Other Nathaniels Edit

  • In Comic 100 Nathaniel meets a future self. He tells him his name.
  • A former Nathaniel designed the Plan B, but is never seen in the comics.
  • Eric points out that there are 60 Nathaniels in the morgue, 28 on the planet and 34 lost to time.
  • When inside the Library's computer Nathaniel watches an evil Root-allied memory of himself.
  • A Nathaniel is father to Bee.


  • The name was winner in a contest and is inspired by a main protagonist's name of Bartimaeus.
  • Before his name was given he was sometimes referred to as Steve, having shared the standard minecraft appearance for a long time.
  • The full name is Nathaniel Dragon, although it was never used in the comic.
  • At the end of the comic Nathaniel is left in the void with [Redacted].
  • Throughout the comic, Nathaniel tries to defeat The Root, an evil creature, that tries to destroy the world.