Nerd³'s Month of... The Sims 3 was a completes series on the game The Sims 3. The first Completes Series, this series followed the misadventures of evil genius Kennith Kennithson, as he fought to survive in the town of Sunset Valley. The completes is remembered as one of the best on the channel, and is considered a "classic" Nerd³ series. Kennith Kennithson has since become a major icon of Nerd³, appearing in multiple videos for many years afterwards.


Kennith Kennithson moves to the town of Sunset Valley, where he has ambitions of being a "Creature-Robot Cross Breeder." Kennith quickly makes enemies with his neighbours, and soon decides to, instead, focus on destroying the world. After several memorable exploits, such as dissolving a baby, kidnapping a child and being robbed, Kennith manages to trap his neighbours in a huge glass box. Whilst initially planning to burn them, Kennith decides to drown them instead. When the police show up, Kennith flees to Mexico - the first of many - and the series ends.

Episode GuideEdit

Episode Title Link Date Description

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