Nerd³ Completes... The Sims 3 was a Completes Series on the game The Sims 3. It was the second series Dan has made on The Sims 3, and saw the return of fan-favourite Kennith Kennithson.



Kennith and the 7 Babies.

Kennith Kennithson, as a result of a life-debt to an Australian warlord he met in Mexico, has been forced to look after the warlord's 7 children all at once.

Kennith has moved the 7 babies into an apartment in the city, alongside his cat Kim. Kennith hopes that this experience will finally change him, that it will stop his evil ways and finally make him a fully-functioning, normal member of society.

Instead, the experience of dealing with the 7 babies drastically sped up Kennith's already well-underway descent into madness.

Episode GuideEdit

Episode Title Link Date Description
1 - Missed Me? Link 3rd March 2017 Dan creates the 7 babies. He spends the episode moving them from the street into the apartment. Kennith gets a job in the business career.
2 - World's Worst Dad Link 4th March 2017 Dan customises the apartment, adding cots for the babies and building a room for Kennith, all whilst "looking after" the babies.
3 - The Baby Zoo Link 5th March 2017 Kennith hires a babysitter to help him care for the babies, but this backfires when the babysitter has a nervous breakdown and leaves one of them in the streets. Kennith develops an entirely new personality due to his increasing insanity.
4 - How to Eat Pizza Link 6th March 2017 Kennith organises a party in the hopes of the guests helping him look after the babies. This doesn't work. Kim Cat runs away during the party due to the lack of any care from Kennith. Kennith finally begins to control the babies, but also swears to murder the maid after he bins Kennith's pizza.


Name Image Description
Kennith Kennithson Kennith2017 The series' main protagonist. Evil genius who is being forced to look after the 7 babies of an Australian warlord, due to a life-debt.
Kim Cat KimCat Kennith's pet cat, who lives with him and the babies in the apartment. Has a rocky relationship with Kennith, as Kim repeatedly rips up the furniture.
Jacklyn Foster JacklynFoster Described by Dan as a "serial killer baby", Jacklyn is the eldest of the 7 babies. She is good and a heavy sleeper.
Ami Foster AmiFoster The second of the 7 babies. She is good and loves the outdoors.
Margie Foster MargieFoster The third of the 7 babies. She is artistic and insane.
Terence Foster TerenceFoster The fourth of the 7 babies and eldest boy. He is a couch potato and insane.
Caitlin Foster CaitlinFoster The fifth of the 7 babies. She is excitable and a heavy sleeper.
Cristopher Foster CristopherFoster Described by Dan as "a happier baby" he is the sixth of the 7 babies. He is a couch potato and excitable.
Mike Foster MikeFoster Described as looking like Eminem, by Dan, Mike is the 7th and youngest of the babies. He is a couch potato and excitable.
Cyrus Best CyrusBest Kennith's first babysitter, who has a nervous breakdown within a few minutes of arriving at the apartment. He had a habit of leaving the babies in the foyer of the apartment building. He was fired by Dan after leaving Cristopher on the pavement several blocks away.

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