== Description ==

This is the original description of the video (without all the links):

Nerd³ Plays..

Nerd³ Plays... Mirror's Edge

log Channel now up! My Twitter! My Webcomic! I play the First Person, free running game from a few years back. The WHOLE of it. :D Game link! 2D Version! All music is in-game music. It makes me want to leap between buildings and boop people.

But How Good Is It Really?Edit

The video itself consists of NerdThree Playing through the entire game in two sittings. (He had to get up at one point when the arthritis started kicking in) The video is generally considered GOAT and one of the all-time best NerdCubed videos ever. Edit

Some fans disapprove of the incorrect grammar used very early on: "a absolutely beautiful first-person...", should be "AN absolutely beautiful...". I guess that's just Hardcastle out to get his fans as usual.

You might want to skip one of the """""jokes""""" about 17 minutes and 28 seconds in if it causes you a headache, then go and lie down and reflect on your sad life...