Nerd Cubed LTD is the company name NerdCubed is registered under as a legal entity. It submitted its incorporation documents on the 13th of July, 2012[1].

History Edit

NerdCubed Limited was incorporated on 13th of July, 2012.

Employees Edit

Name Role
Matt Collins Chief Operating Officer
Daniel Hardcastle Chief Executive Officer & Founder
Steve Hardcastle Chief Visionary Officer
Rebecca Maughan Games Developer & Artist

Nerd3 Games Edit

Having been wanting to create games for a while, with a company behind his back, Dan could now make that dream a reality.

So far, the company has released three games for various platforms, all of which are completely free.

How to Snooker Edit

Main article: How to Snooker

How to Snooker was the first official game to be released by Nerdcubed LTD. Created in the game engine Construct 2 by Dan, the game is based around physics, and, obviously, snooker. Released on 23 September 2014.

Systems Nominal Edit

Main article: Systems Nominal

Systems Nominal was the second official game that was released by Nerdcubed LTD. With art done by Rebecca and built in Construct 2, it is based around keyboard functions, pressing the correct keys, that light up red. Your score is counted by how many people you don't manage to save

Pi Fight Edit

Main article: Pi Fight

Pi Fight is a minimalist two-player mobile game, released for Android and iOS. The objective is to catch the other player three times. In the center is a circle which both players rotate around at the same speed. The colour of the circle represents which player gets the point when the players collide.

The game was ported to iOS by Daniel Eldar.

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