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What is Nerd³?

Nerd³ ('Nerd Cubed' not 'Nerd to the Third') is both a webcomic and a youtuber. Both made by the same team.

The webcomic is set in the popular indie game minecraft. However since of 2012 the comic stopped, as the Nerd³ Website ,which had also been used to publish vlogs, Letsplays and other videos as well as variouse reviews, went down. Until it is fixed there will be no new comics. You may access some by searching the internet. Even before the website went down Nerd³ had become a popular online youtuber,  well known for its highly edited game sessions called 'Nerd³ Plays...'. Nowadays this is the central work of Nerd³.

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General Info

The creative force behind Nerd³ is Daniel Hardcastle.

About the Comic

It is written by Dan and was released on 4 days of the week and features the Adventures of Nathaniel. On the other days Frank was hosting a comic featuring himself.

About the Youtube Channels and Videos

Dan has two channels, where he is releasing videos at varying times. Sometimes together with his Dad Steve or his Roommate Wot.

1. OfficialNerdCubed

2. Officialynerdcubed

This is Steve's channel:



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