Procrastinator Brad is credited as being Dan's nemesis during games of CounterStrike. Brad gained this reputation by killing Dan 13 times in his first appearance, Nerd³ Plays... Counter-Strike: Source.

Brad reappeared as a teammate of Dan's in CounterStrike: Global Offensive as BOT Brad in a later video featuring Martyn Littlewood. At the first sight of his nemesis, Dan opened fire on Brad (despite friendly fire not effecting health) and takes credit for killing him despite Brad actually being killed by an opponent.


BOT Brad in CS:GO

Dan eventually comes to the realisation that him and Brad have to work together to eliminate the larger threat, Martyn. After losing the match against Martyn, Dan, at a K/D ratio of 17:17, takes comfort in the fact he defeated Brad whom had a ratio of 16:17.

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