Rebecca is Dan's wife and currently works as the resident game-developer and artist at NerdCubed LTD.

Currently married to Daniel, their relationship name has been hotly debated. They were married on the 12th of November, 2016; a picture them after the ceremony can be found here. A Strawpoll conducted on the Nerdcubed subreddit on the 12th of January, 2016 has shown a 3 to 1 ratio of the most popular Rebel and Decca names.

They both have stated to prefer Rebel.


Lovely, we assume. Of course, we have no idea. Talking helps. In fact, Rebecca is so quiet that a confirmation of existence would be lovely at some point. 

During the 2015 E3 livestreams, Rebecca indicated to be a fan of anime series, similar to Dodger who also appeared on the stream. 

In 2017, a series of "Lowkey" streams began, in which Rebecca became the unofficial reader and questioner for the twitch stream as well as declaring new subscribers and "Twiddley Bits". As a result Rebecca has become more vocal and involved in the community.


  • Rebecca owns far too many animals for their own good.
  • Loves fan-art and fan-fiction, especially related to the NerdCubed Team.
  • Thinks the Twitch chat is nice and therefore doesn't want to insult anyone in it. This makes Matt highly annoyed.
  • During Dan's "Through the Minecraft Keyhole" his 'friend' on the server has a chest labelled 'Rebecca', making it the possible first appearance in a video.
  • A twitter post on New Years '15-'16 showed Rebecca and Dan kissing, which confirmed that they were dating.
  • On the 5th of May 2016, a twitter post on Dan's twitter page stated that they are now engaged. On the 12th of November of the same year, they announced they were now married. 
  • Their favourite Doctor is Matt Smith as stated in a Nerd3 video[link needed].