Sasha is what Daniel Hardcastle named his white scooter in his Let's Play of Bully: Scholarship Edition and since has named most of the encountered scooters in various games.


When Daniel visited the strength test attraction at the fair in the game Bully, he found that it was very easy to win by mashing his keyboard. Soon, he acquired enough tickets to spend on a shiny, new scooter, which he named Sasha. The name choice is inspired by J.D.'s scooter in the TV-show Scrubs, As "confirmed" in Completes Bully - Part 10. Dan also mentions how it was disputed in the comments with a Team Fortress 2 reference.

Roller Coaster Tycoon 3:Edit

After popular request, Dan named his swimming pool "Splasha". However, shortly afterwards he regretted it and wished he called it Amy's Pond.

Grand Theft Auto IVEdit

Sasha Nerd3
In his 'Carmageddon AND Tsunami!' mod Challenge, he found a Faggio Scooter and named it 'Sasha'. Despite being wrecked several times, he found many more, and also named them 'Sasha'. In the end, Sasha and Dan are separated, but he does say goodbye for the last time. The country was moved to tears.

Dog's LifeEdit

During his gameplay of Dog's Life, a man on a scooter drives close to Dan, causing him to gasp and exclaim, "It's Sasha!"

Minecraft Edit

In the epilogue of the Minecraft Buildy Thingy, on the Nerdcubed Minecraft server, a giant blocky Sasha had been built. In the video Dan rides Sasha.

Cities Skylines Edit

In an episode of Nerdcubed Completes: Cities Skylines Dan mentions "Sasha" when a blue scooter drives past on the road. (The exact episode is unknown - Written from memory)

Watch Dogs 2 Edit

In episode 11, Dan gets on his scooter after acquiring a money bag and says "Come on red Sasha"

In episode 27, Dan gets a pink Sasha.