Systems Nominal was the second official video game that was released by NerdCubed LTD. With art done by Rebecca and built in Construct 2. It's based around pressing the keyboard keys. Your score is counted by how many people you didn't manage to save. until the last person left on the (presumed) spaceship, and you are just left playing. Dan showed it off in this video and it is available for download here. Jon MATN also played it on his channel.

Game Rules and Features Edit

The player needs to press the correct keys, that light up in red. The game starts with 1000 people on the ship. You 'win' when you're the last person on the spaceship.

Credits Edit

Created by Daniel Hardcastle; Art by Rebecca Hardcastle; Music By Kevin Macleod; Nerd³ Theme By Dan Bull; Built in Contstruct 2.


  • Systems Nominal was originally planned to be called 'How to Job'.
  • The game has a colour blind mode that changes the red to blue.
  • Dan spent hours implementing the keyboard layouts so it would work for alternative keyboards besides QWERTY.