Clean Up
Article not formal enough; add more information and remove unnecessary information.

Tzaboohaboo (za-boo-hah-boo) are a race of superior beings that Dan created in the game Spore, during Nerdcubed's Month of... Spore. Don't mess with them.


Tzaboohaboos are a carnivorous life form that evolve at an astounding/average rate. They are not afraid to kill weaker life forms for personal gain. They descend from the organic remains of Mr. Kennethson.

When they walk, their eyes knock together. Imagine them making a clacky sound like a newton's cradle.


Tzaboohaboos constantly change in appearance but usually have blue skin, sometimes with pink/red spots scattered around the body.

The creature's spine curls up over itself with a smaller set of eyes and a small poison spitting mouth on the top bit. This is also where the arms attach.

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