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  • Toaosam

    As no-one'll read this, I'll waffle and moan all I like, and no-one can stop me.

    In this day and age, there are about a million problems, one of which is the insults and name-calling that occurs everyday. As a supposedly 'young' person, I feel i should understand how these types of things came about. It's no longer taught that homosexuality is sinful, and there are no issues or complications about the word 'gay'. A word to describe homosexuality and old-fashionally, happy. But of course, modern day society screwed it up. The word 'gay' is thrown around at a moments notice, by people who don't understand that it's a normal thing, or people who don't understand why it can be taken offensively. Obviously this means that people should be educat…

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  • Toaosam

    Right Stuff! Cool.

    December 19, 2015 by Toaosam

    Haven't got a clue what to write here. Probably words. And puntuation with correct grammar, which would be nice everywhere. But that's definitely wishful thinking. Oh well, back to Desert Bus.

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