Wot Fanar, born April 14th, 1988, is a former game designer and developer at NerdCubed LTD, who not only worked on future (Now discontinued) game related projects, but IRL videos. He has his own personal channel which, as of the 17th of September, 2017, has about 3,400 subscribers. He is best known on the internet for being featured in Dan's vlogs, as well as the Nerd³ Tubecast.


Wot can best be described as Dan without all the gaming videos. They share many opinions; however, it is shown during the Nerd³ 2012 Awards that Wot is a tad bit more forgiving than his counterpart. Wot is also the lower maintenance of the two. On Wot's Personal Channel he mentions that he suffers from depression. 


  • Wot appears to have a thing for suits and hats, as whenever he appears in Dan's vlogs, he's always wearing one or both of those two things.
  • Wot is dyslexic.
  • Wot suffers from depression. He explains this on his personal channel.
  • Wot is addicted to Coca Cola.
  • Wot has Asperger's Syndrome, or something similar, as revealed on one of the Mass Debates. He later revealed during a Summer in the City 2016 Panel regarding mental health, that his Autism is self-diagnosed.
  • Wot seemed to always fuck up the FusterClucks.
  • He also appeared in all of the Nerd³ Podcast 'monthly' episodes. They ended with the Nerd³ Reboot.
  • Wot was Company Director of Nerd³ limited for three years, until he resigned in August 2015.[1]
  • His father passed away in 2012.

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